by LAskA

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released February 25, 2013



all rights reserved



Formed in the Autumn of 2012 by British musicians Amy Hiller, Rhys Baker and Stephen Baxter.

LAskA's sound is rooted in electronica, shoegaze and pop. Nocturnal synths and ambient, organ drones wash around twisted beats and sub basslines, while hook-laden male/female vocal harmonies ebb dreamily among blissed-out guitar and piano figures.
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Track Name: Tremble Safe
Come and share the flood
We'll mark our graves out early

Here we are slick as otters
Holding out for better offers
There's such a new shade in here
Among the merry
Around the fear
I was sturdy on that ship
It takes a second
It takes a slip
Dan, swear on your mother
You'll cover for me with the others
Say that I'm sick and spinning
Mandy's drowned me in rivers
How quickly the night shrinks
From high jinx to eye blinks
Finger scrapes trace my collar
Carving out caves of solace
And searching your shape for weapons
I notice you hold me to 'forever'
So slow it down and let me sink
It's earlier than you think
Track Name: Pawprints
Stop calling us in please
Under the shadows of remote cliffs
We can barely hear your screams
And as our boat slips out of focus
Of the lanterns on the beach
We sing
Stop calling us in please
I can't breathe her/him out
I know we're never going home
So save your respirations
They're just pawprints in falling snow
Soon to go
Track Name: Resonator
Always in my head
Never shall I sleep
The phosphorus in your eyes sings
Always in your bed
Ever do you sleep
The morning frost on your eyes clings
I'm not coming and I'm not coming out
I'd photosynthesize
But you're burning all my daylight